Join Vicky Kimble, CBA, as she takes you  on a tour of her twisted world. In this first video, Vicky guides you through her "garden" where she creates 14 different balloon sculptures. And she does so in an easy, step by step process that makes it easy to follow and understand.  Running time:  110 minutes    Skill level:  Beginner to Intermediate      BUY NOW!!

  • Pretty as a Daisy Corsage
  • Sunflower Bouquet
  • Big Bloomin' Bud
  • Spring Chick
  • Flutterby Butterfly
  • Lady Dragonfly
  • Bumballoon Bee
learn balloon scuplting, balloon scuplting video

So you're hungry for new twisted designs? Are you hoping to expand your own menu of balloon creations? Then join Vicky Kimble, CBA, as she takes a tour of her balloon "kitchen" with several original culinary delights sure to tickle your latex pallet! As always, Vicky shares with you her own special "balloosion" techniques which are sure to spice up any twisted recipe.  Running time:  90 minutes    Skill level:  Intermediate to Advanced      BUY NOW!!

  •  Balloosion Bacon and Eggs
  •  Baby Watermelon
  • "Bubba"loon Burger and Fries
  •  Veggie Pizza with a Twist
  •  Lobster Balloonese
  •  Light as Air Meringue Tart
  •  Nutty Caramel Apple
  •  Pretzels and Root Beer
learn balloon sculpting, balloon artist

Join Vicky Kimble, CBA, as she introduces you to her twisted new marketing ideas.  Vicky creates eight different balloon sculptures designed as great new gift-giving concepts. And she does so in an easy, step by step process that makes it easy to follow and understand.  Running time:  120 minutes   Skill level:  Intermediate to Advanced     BUY NOW!!

  • iPop Nano
  • The Perfect Gift
  • Special Delivery
  • All Revved Up
  • Double Feature
  • Ape Over You
  • Rub-a-Dub-Dub
  • It's in the Bag
balloon artist cincinanti balloon sculpting video

Vicky Kimble teaches dynamic balloon sculptures perfect for Fall and Winter. So don't get left out in the cold…order this DVD today.  Running time: 120 minutes    Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced     BUY NOW!!

  • Food for Thought
  • In the Pink
  • Jack Penny "Jack-O-Lantern"
  • Aughostus the Ghost
  • Batting the Bat
  • Legend of Tom Turkey – Part 1
  • Give Thanks
  • Legends of Tom Turkey – Part 2
  • Welcome Wreath
  • Oh Dreidel, Dredidel, Dreidel
  • Stocking Stuffer
balloon artist cincinnati  learn balloon scuplting

In this delightful DVD, Vicky explores 9 different entertainment and decor pieces which are sure to please when the weather turns warmer.  So light up the barbeque, throw on some dogs and enjoy! Running time: 105 minutes  Skill level:  Intermediate to Advanced     BUY NOW!!

  • No Spring Chicken
  • Easter Basket
  • Daffodil
  • Blushing Bride
  • Gorgeous Groom
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • "Udderly Mad" Cow
  • Award Winning Veggies
  • Balloosion Blue Ribbon
  • Banana Boat Sundae

Vicky Kimble, IncrediBalloons, learn balloon sculpting

Dust off your pith helmets and gather up your provisions because it’s time to go on the hunt for beasties!! Once again, your talented guide, Vicky Kimble, CBA, tours you through the latex jungles to show you two dozen different types of balloon animals, but with a special twist. All of her exotic friends are WEARABLE!! So join the twisted safari, Bwana!!  Running time: 90 minutes  Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate  DVD includes an outtakes segment    BUY NOW!!

  • Bear, Polar Bear, Koala
  • Pig, Cow, Panda
  • Puppy, Bunny, Tiger
  • Lion, Frog, Dolphin
  • Turtle, Duck, Penguin
  • Flamingo, Horse, Unicorn
  • Seal, Hippo, Elephant
  • Camel, Kangaroo, Dragon